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Blue light bulb.Get your invention off the ground.

Start with an initial consultation.

Online form: here.
t: 1-888-995-0075

You have questions – we have answers.

2 different types of initial consultations for 2 two very different issues:

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PatentingMaking money from innovation


The Patenting Consultation covers:
  • Is my idea patentable?
  • Can I patent in the US, Canada, and around the world?
  • Can I protect my design with a design registration (design patent)?
  • Will my product infringe someone else’s patent?
  • It is patented in the US. Can I patent it here? Can I make it here?
  • All these issues and many more are perfect for our initial consultation service.
The Making Money consultation covers:
  • Protecting your idea: patents, trade secrets, copyrights, designs.
  • Ways of making money from your idea: selling products or services, licensing, partnering, open source.
  • Selling options: how to find and work with distribution channels.
  • Financing: how much money, and where to get it.

Each consultation is 1-2 hours (our time investment is >2 hours), usually by Skype.

We charge $500 + HST for these consultations, so that we can take the time to give you the best possible advice.  We want to have the time and incentive to give you great advice, not to be selling you on patenting.  Many of these consultations lead to advice that is “do not patent” – for instance, often, we recommend filing industrial design (design patent protection) in lieu of utility patents, or keeping the invention secret as a trade secret.  We take great pride in ensuring that these consultations are not ‘a sales call’.  In these consultations we deliver valuable advice with your long term best interests at heart.

If you do proceed to patenting, we credit the cost of the patenting consultation against the amount required to complete and file your US provisional patent application.


Beware of “free consultations”.

You get what you pay for.
A free consultation is really a “sales meeting”.

If you are new to patenting, we always start with an initial consultation. We believe it could well be the best $500 you ever spend on patents.

In the initial patent consultation, we will review your invention and whether it is patentable. We will also discuss the process, timelines and costs. The more information that you provide to us in advance, the more valuable the consultation is likely to be. To get the most from the consultation, provide as much information as practicable about:

  • Your invention.
  • The problem that your invention solves.
  • Efforts of others to solve the same problem.
  • Who the inventors are.
  • Whether any of the inventors have disclosed the invention.
  • Alternatives, competing products and previous efforts of others to solve the problem.
  • Of course, we will guide you step-by-step through all of these issues, and more.

To schedule your patent consultation, please send us an email, use the online contact form or call our office toll free 1.888.995.0075

Everything that you tell us will be held in strict confidence. Learn more about our confidentiality obligations here.

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