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What We Do | Canadian Patent Filing | Copyright & Trademark Protection We help Canadians protect and profit from innovation
  • Patent applications
  • US patents.  US provisional and non-provisional applications
  • Worldwide protection
  • Strategies for acquiring, protecting and making money from IP
  • Trade secret protection
  • Design protection
  • Copyright and trademark protection
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Licensing, buying, selling intellectual properties.


Our streamlined process

1. We start with an initial consultation.  Always.  Learn more about our initial consultations here.

  • Full discussion and assessment of your invention.
  • Full advice on your choices and options:
  • Is your idea patentable?
  • Whether other design protection, trade secrets, copyright or trademark protection shold be used in addition or in the alternative.

2. If a patent is the way to go, we almost always recommend a full prior art search

3. Prepare and file a robust US provisional patent application

4. At “month 12” replace with a non-provisional PCT application (or, US application).

Receive international search report and written opinion.  Respond if appropriate.

5. At “month 30” file national and regional phase applications worldwide that claim priority to the earlier applications.

This process is efficient and effective, and helps you maximize your rights and control your costs.  We have helped hundreds of clients – contact us so that we can start helping you.


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